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LJers [ Short for livejournalers ] is a community for the people who love Livejournal. This originally started out as a member place for the clique LJers. Envy.nu died, but this still kept going...for a while. Now the owner is back, and with a new name unmarked. And now the whole community is going under major reconstruction.

The community is still for people who love livejournal, but we are expanding. You can post your icons, style ideas, questions, comments, rants, anything that comes to livejournal! [And maybe not even to livejournal. Maybe Ujournal, Deadjournal, Geekjournal, Crazylife...etc.]

× No hateful posting on here. Everybody is welcome!
× Be an active member in the community, post your opinions about things, and lots of others!
× If Posting Icons - No more than 4, the rest will have to be under an LJ Cut Tag! [See FAQ ]
× Have fun!

None so far! If you want to, just say so!

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